Nice to meet you!

My name is Angie Parry-Lemon and my mission with lemon-aide is to help refresh your home and wardrobe without changing your unique style. (Unless you want a total style revamp, then I can help with that, too!)

Your home and wardrobe should reflect you and your story.  That’s why my goal is to highlight the best features already there and work around what you already have.

Throughout the lifestyle refreshing process, I will help provide a sense of balance between new and old elements, while maintaining a true reflection of you. Reviving a tired room with a few plant displays; intermixing updated throw pillows with existing decor; converting a blank wall into a colorful family art gallery; or transforming a chaotic closet into a neatly, stylized wardrobe are just a few simple refreshing acts that truly can be transformative and have a huge impact on your lifestyle.

Are you hesitant about where to even begin styling or organizing a space in fear you won’t do it “right”, or just don’t have time? Do you find it hard to part with “things” you no longer want or use because you might need them someday? Whatever lifestyle rut you find yourself in, or the scope of your project (one room or the entire house), don’t fret. I am here to “aide” in your home and fashion styling needs, questions, and answers.

Everyone deserves to live a sweet, stylized and refreshed life.  So gather up your lemons already, sit back and relax (or try to at least) and let’s squeeze the day!

Sweet Facts About Angie

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